Friday, 28 February 2014

A recount by Ryley, inspired by the "floating house"

This morning at Fitness, Mrs Hodder called our class over and said look up in the sky and there was a house floating in the sky! Everyone was curious. We wanted to know what it really was.  Then we all had a talk and a think abut what it could be.  Someone said a hot-air balloon and they were right! Later we were all in class when Nysa came in with the teachers' diary and she said she saw the floating house closer.  We all went outside to the gates and there was a ginger coloured house balloon.

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  1. Hi Room 14 - this is a cool blog. I'm pleased Scarlet was a great Bucket Filler. Scarlet is always friendly to me and always fills my bucket when I see her.
    Scarlet was a star at the Krypton Factor competition on Sunday too.
    Thanks fro sharing your writing Rylley, your writing is interesting. For a start I thought it might have been from the movie "Up", but it was real.
    From Mr Maindonald.