Sunday, 17 August 2014

Commonwealth Games Stadium Constructions

Following on from the bridge-building work earlier this term, Room 14 was set the task of designing their own Commonwealth Games stadium venues. The Learning Intention was to investigate the features of a stadium and create their own version in Minecraft.
Minecraft activity - children at work.
Room 14 deciding what part of their work to share with class.

The design process was used as a way to think about transformation, the theme for the school year.  
An example of a child's marked up stadium picture showing analysis of image.
Nyasa's marked up stadium picture showing her analysis of
an image. (See slideshow below)

Using our day with technology each child chose two Games events to focus on. Then they collected photos and (using arrows and labels) pointed out the venue and its features in detail.

Using the Minecraft PE app a team leader led each group to build event stadia on their Minecraft "worlds".

Minecraft constructions - Commonwealth Stadium (equestrian)
Minecraft constructions - Commonwealth Stadium (equestrian).
(See slideshow below)

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